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"Today, everybody is a publisher."

Just a few of the topics we will be covering on the
Titans of Publishing Show...


Listen in as we interview the best podcasters on the planet. We grill ’em and get the inside scoop on what’s working.


Titans who are self-publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform are making thousands of dollars per month. We interview them.


YOU can publish your own music. Guess what? We’ve found some Titans who are doing just that and they’ll show you the way!


Did you know there are kids making $1 million+ publishing content on YouTube and Instagram? It’s true. We interview them for you.


You read that right. There are some powerhouse Titans who publish the vast majority of their content to their email lists.


There are a number of of influential bloggers across various niches and we interview them about what’s working today.



Some of our Titans earn a sizable living by publishing physical newsletters that they actually mail out.


Audio Interviews

Some of our Titans publish “audio-only” information products. They do amazingly well. We’ll show you how they do it.


Physical books sell more now than ever. We introduce you to authors who have been immensely successful.


If something new comes out in the publishing world, you’ll be the first we let know.

That's just a small sampling of what we will be covering on the Titans of Publishing Show.

We endeavor to bring you the best in publishing best practices, tips & tricks to make publishing easier and more effective, and the latest & greatest news in the world of media.

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About Your Hosts

Marc Harty, Public Relations ProMarc Harty is a digital PR expert, business storyteller, and agile copywriter. He’s worked with small, medium, and large businesses (Fortune 100) to put together their public relations, advertising, and marketing plans  in place to win business.

Marc lives with his wife somewhere in Tennessee 🙂

You can learn more about Marc at 30 Minute PR.

Bill DavisBill Davis has been an information publisher for over 15 years. He now teaches what he knows through online courses, videos, and ebooks. He is very excited to be bringing TOPS to you.

Bill lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 4 children, a dog, and a cat.

You can find out more about Bill at Internet Marketing Muscle.